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Bedford Academy of Dance

Hannah D'arcy

Mrs Hannah D’Arcy LRAD RTS RAD, Principal of Bedford Academy of Dance, started dancing at the age of 3 studying ballet, tap and modern dance achieving Intermediate in Ballet and Advanced Tap and Modern.

Royal Academy of Dance Registered Teacher
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Hannah completed her dance training at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance in London, securing a coveted spot for a three-year program among thousands of auditioning candidates. During her time at the academy, she excelled, earning a Licentiate of the Academy and reaching an advanced level in ballet.

In July 1996, Hannah graduated with Honours in both children's grades and major work, attaining a professional standard. Her achievements were marked by the highest grades in both teaching awards. Recently, she has been recognized as an Approved Tutor by the Royal Academy of Dance, entrusted with providing the new Assistant Teacher Award tailored for students aged 14 and above.

In 2004, Hannah established the Bedford Academy of Dance, starting with 27 pupils and rapidly expanding to over 200 students aged 1½ to 18. The academy is dedicated to the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus for ballet, renowned as the highest standard nationally and internationally. Students are encouraged to pursue examinations, although it is not mandatory. Additional tuition is available for those aspiring to meet the required standards.

Beyond ballet, the Bedford Academy of Dance offers a diverse range of classes, including ISTD Tap (Imperial Society of Theatre Dance), contemporary dance, hip hop, and acrobatics. The academy's ethos centres around creating a vibrant and safe space where children can enjoy expressing themselves through dance and movement.

Dancer from Bedford Academy of Dance
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